Finish Comparison

When selecting a finish for your product, you need to be in the "know" with the positives and their counterparts.

Conversion Varnish


  • Finish hardens on top surface
  • Very durable, and impact resistant
  • Allows wood color to remain natural
  • No color change or very little color change for years
  • Quick lead/delivery times
  • Easier to match customer’s request for stains
  • Maintenance free sealer


  • Some customers do not like the fact that the wood is very slow to change in color over time
  • Offers a satin sheen appearance only
  • Major scratches and damage, must be repaired in our facility

Mineral Oil


  • Allows wood to remain in true natural condition
  • Natural enzymes in the wood are proven to fight against bacteria
  • Aging and patina change as wood is exposed to air and light building a lifetime of character
  • Minor repairs can easily be done by homeowner with no special tools
  • Top can be “refreshed” immediately by applying mineral oil at any time.
  • Mineral oil is readily available and very inexpensive
  • Quickest lead time of any of the finishes.


  • Customers typically complain about the “mess” of using mineral oil
  • Not good for newspapers, paperwork, purses, etc, being placed on countertop recently oiled
  • Requires oiling by homeowner once a week the first month, then once a month thereafter as the homeowner sees fit
  • Lack of oiling may cause cracking or warping of countertop

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