Installation Instructions

The installation of a wood top is very important and while it isn’t as simple as installing a solid surface top. Wood moves as the weather changes so it is very important to screw the top down all the way around the perimeter.

You will also need to put 8 – 10 screws throughout the center of the top. If the top is screwed down properly, you will never have a problem.

Island tops with an overhang of 8” or greater will require a brace, using either corbles or L-brackets. This will keep the top stable with less chance of bowing or cupping.

When mounting a wood top it is always recommended to pre-drill holes for wood screws. This will lessen the pressure on the wood. It is also recommended to take extra care with the end grain checkerboard tops. These tops are a little more sensitive to pressure. Never use screws very near the outside edges, this may cause a pressure crack.

By following these simple instructions, your wood top should last a lifetime!

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